четверг, 1 сентября 2011 г.

4600 водоемов "пропало" в Эстонии

Deletion of water bodies in Estonia - an action that was finally repealed

In April 2011 a precedent occurred in the domain of the Ministry of
Environment of the Republic of Estonia in the form of deleting a large
amount of the officially registered water bodies (lakes, streams, rivers and
even entire bay areas). As a result of a dispute, the Ministry of
Environment requested in a letter to revise the objects in the national
environment register and make corrections so that it would comply with the
lists of the books for lakes and rivers, published in 1964 respectively
1986. However, in reality there are many objects in these two books that
either do not exist anymore or have changed in some way. Other objects are
not included as these have been created or emerged later that these books
were published. Consequently the letter resulted in the "deletion" of more
than 4600 water bodies from the publicly accessible part of the national
environment register.

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